Why and how to get my first credit card?

You just got your first job, you recently graduated and you already have a fixed monthly income but you don’t have much credit history yet. Banks have probably already started calling you to tell you that credit cards are wonderful and that you should have yours or maybe you are the one who is interested in getting one but you don’t know how to get started. Today we will answer all those important questions about your first credit card.


First, how could I benefit from getting my first credit card?

First, how could I benefit from getting my first credit card?

Credit cards, when we use them well, give us access to great benefits. For example, most cards offer rewards programs, allow us to make purchases at months without interest and could be a good tool to solve unforeseen events.

They also make it easy for you to make purchases online and abroad and even allow you to buy tickets to events before the rest of the public.

One of the main benefits you will get when you have your first credit card will be to start building your credit history. Having a good credit history will be of great help to achieve some of the goals you have probably already thought about, such as buying a car or a house using a credit.

It is very important that you remember that credit cards are good only when we use them correctly. Remember that a credit card is not an extension of your salary and does not mean that you can spend more than you earn. Every expense you make with your card you will have to pay it a little later.


What is the best credit card you can get?

What is the best credit card you can get?

There is really no credit card that is the best of all. Choosing the best credit card depends on your profile and your specific needs.

The most important characteristics that you should take into account to choose the best credit card for you are the interest rate, the lower the better, the annuity and other fees charged by each card, try to avoid them to the fullest! . It is also very important that you evaluate whether they offer security tools to protect you from fraud, the convenience to make payments and the rewards programs and other benefits they offer. In this article , we show you how to choose the best credit card.


How do I get my first credit card if I don’t have a credit history?

How do I get my first credit card if I don

There are currently many alternatives that allow us to obtain a credit card even if we do not have a credit history.

  • One of the alternatives to obtain your first credit card without having a credit history is the credit cards for University students. It is enough that you are pursuing a university career to acquire it!
  • There are credit cards that only ask you as a requirement to be from 20 to 29 years of age and that you verify a minimum monthly income of 5 thousand pesos.
  • Another option is the departmental cards , this type of card is useful because after a year making a correct use of the card, you can request a bank credit card. These types of cards only ask for two things as a requirement, proof of address and an official identification.
  • Another alternative to acquire your first credit card is to apply for it at the same bank where you receive your payroll or monthly income, by having a record of your income, you are more likely to be authorized.


What is the process I must follow to acquire my first credit card?

credit card?

Now, what process should I follow to get one? Actually the process is simpler than you imagine, just call or go to a branch of the bank that is the credit card you want to obtain and request it. You will be asked to sign and present some documents and the bank will send your plastic to your address.

You already know it! Getting your first credit card is not that complicated, it will give you access to great benefits and will be a great tool to help you achieve some of your goals in the future if you make proper use of them.