Where to save money safely and still make a profit?

A good financial control does not just say about organizing expenses, another point that is important to consider is that money can be safely stored as well as profitability.

How to make sure your money is safe and still generating profits

How to make sure your money is safe and still generating profits

Saving money at home was a widely used alternative for our grandparents, and perhaps even by our parents, however, it is a fact that is not one of the most advisable options, considering the risks of theft and also the profitability, where the money stopped ceases to earn interest and is devoured by inflation.

Although very safe, savings have also not been a satisfactory option for years, because of their low profitability, unable to cover inflationary losses, even if it is free of Income Tax.

So what would be the most advantageous options?


Let’s present you four good alternatives below. Check out:

Certificate of Banking

If your priority is to invest in the security of your money, the Certificate of Banking (CB) is a great alternative and low risk.

In summary, with the CB you lend money to the bank that will issue the document, the redemption is done upon maturity, subject to Income Tax.

Treasury Direct

Treasury Direct

This is the perfect way for those who want to secure their money and jointly make a profit, since the profitability of the Treasury Direct is much higher than that of the savings account and presents a very low risk. However, just like the CB, the public bonds also there is incidence of Income Tax.

By opting for this modality, you will be lending money to the federal government to then make investments or pay off debts.

How to invest in Treasury Direct?

To do this, simply buy government bonds directly from the Treasury Direct website, where three types of securities are presented:

– Treasure Selic: perfect for short-term financial projects; is a postfixed, the Selic interest rate on the day of its maturity is paid;

– Pre-fixed Treasury: with or without semiannual payments, the interest rate of the security’s yield is defined at the moment of the purchase of the security;

– IPCA Treasury: With or without semi-annual payments, the investor is paid a fixed interest plus the inflation variation calculated by the IPCA.

Investment Funds

Investment Funds

The funds function as a corporate of people who buy quotas to make an investment, in which it is managed by the fund manager.

It is imperative to exercise caution with the management fee, which can undermine a good portion of profitability. There are many investment fund options, in which the most traditional ones are the most advantageous for those who aim to ensure the safety of money.

Private Pension Plans

Private Pension Plans

For those who want to save money in the long run, private pension is a good solution. There are two modalities, focused on each means of declaration of Income Tax, both of very low risk.

The occurrence of the income tax in the PGBL, focuses in its entirety at the time of the withdrawal, which makes the alternative more profitable for those who make full declaration of IR. For those who use the simplified modality, VGBL is more advantageous, since the tax applies only to income.

However, this option also has its drawbacks, such as the management fee’s throw on profitability and the inability to channel investments.

With all of this in mind, compare and see which of the options presented are most beneficial to you.

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