Payday Loan Online Same Day -Curry4footlocker.Com Sun, 24 Nov 2019 00:06:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Why and how to get my first credit card? Sun, 24 Nov 2019 00:06:29 +0000 You just got your first job, you recently graduated and you already have a fixed monthly income but you don’t have much credit history yet. Banks have probably already started calling you to tell you that credit cards are wonderful and that you should have yours or maybe you are the one who is interested in getting one but you don’t know how to get started. Today we will answer all those important questions about your first credit card.


First, how could I benefit from getting my first credit card?

First, how could I benefit from getting my first credit card?

Credit cards, when we use them well, give us access to great benefits. For example, most cards offer rewards programs, allow us to make purchases at months without interest and could be a good tool to solve unforeseen events.

They also make it easy for you to make purchases online and abroad and even allow you to buy tickets to events before the rest of the public.

One of the main benefits you will get when you have your first credit card will be to start building your credit history. Having a good credit history will be of great help to achieve some of the goals you have probably already thought about, such as buying a car or a house using a credit.

It is very important that you remember that credit cards are good only when we use them correctly. Remember that a credit card is not an extension of your salary and does not mean that you can spend more than you earn. Every expense you make with your card you will have to pay it a little later.


What is the best credit card you can get?

What is the best credit card you can get?

There is really no credit card that is the best of all. Choosing the best credit card depends on your profile and your specific needs.

The most important characteristics that you should take into account to choose the best credit card for you are the interest rate, the lower the better, the annuity and other fees charged by each card, try to avoid them to the fullest! . It is also very important that you evaluate whether they offer security tools to protect you from fraud, the convenience to make payments and the rewards programs and other benefits they offer. In this article , we show you how to choose the best credit card.


How do I get my first credit card if I don’t have a credit history?

How do I get my first credit card if I don

There are currently many alternatives that allow us to obtain a credit card even if we do not have a credit history.

  • One of the alternatives to obtain your first credit card without having a credit history is the credit cards for University students. It is enough that you are pursuing a university career to acquire it!
  • There are credit cards that only ask you as a requirement to be from 20 to 29 years of age and that you verify a minimum monthly income of 5 thousand pesos.
  • Another option is the departmental cards , this type of card is useful because after a year making a correct use of the card, you can request a bank credit card. These types of cards only ask for two things as a requirement, proof of address and an official identification.
  • Another alternative to acquire your first credit card is to apply for it at the same bank where you receive your payroll or monthly income, by having a record of your income, you are more likely to be authorized.


What is the process I must follow to acquire my first credit card?

credit card?

Now, what process should I follow to get one? Actually the process is simpler than you imagine, just call or go to a branch of the bank that is the credit card you want to obtain and request it. You will be asked to sign and present some documents and the bank will send your plastic to your address.

You already know it! Getting your first credit card is not that complicated, it will give you access to great benefits and will be a great tool to help you achieve some of your goals in the future if you make proper use of them.

About the home budget or how to experience the summer without a loan Wed, 06 Nov 2019 06:06:56 +0000 Finally, children and schoolchildren can relax after learning about textbooks all year round. For parents, it is a chance to spend at least part of the holiday together with their children. During the summer vacation, it is worth asking yourself whether we can afford a family vacation, what funds to finance them, what to do in order not to get lost in this whole advertising noise and overpay.

Holidays have started! It was time to rest

Holidays have started! It was time to rest

And above all, do not push the household budget, knowing that after the holidays there will be other, important expenses, even related to returning children to school. With no money set aside for the holidays , many people take out loans or payday loans, which they pay off for months or sometimes years.

People who know what home finance is and who keep their income and expense records, try to manage their earned money so that they are able to save some amounts so that they can later use it to spend a good time.

But the majority of the population cannot do this by using funds raised from either a bank or a loan company. Do you dream about holidays? Take a loan for dreams! Or take a vacation on credit. Loan companies and banks encourage this.

If not for credit or loan, how?


First of all, holidays are to be not on credit, but tailor-made. To the best of our abilities.
Expenses incurred for summer recreation belong to the group of so-called periodic expenses. They must be planned in the household budget in such a way that the necessary funds for trips are credited to the account . Planned expenses are much cheaper than last-minute expenses.

Such an example are people who go to the sea or to the mountains without booking rooms. And then it turns out that they have to rent them much more expensive than if they had previously booked. I remember once we were on holiday in Mielno. This summer did not promise to be good, hence there were significant price reductions. We lived at the time with a certain Lord, musician of an orchestra in the theater.

He had no free rooms, and suddenly it got very hot by the sea. A lot of people came to Mielno and were looking for accommodation. 

Advance payday loans online -Get the best online payday loan Tue, 05 Nov 2019 16:46:33 +0000 Get the best online payday loan

With business loans, there can be a lot of difference in repayment between the various lenders. That is why it is important that you compare providers online. This way you will quickly get a good idea of ​​what you are going to repay each month and for whom that payment is cheapest. You can request a loan online with a simulator tool, so no hassle or paperwork. Within a few minutes, you know what your repayment will be per month, and usually, you only have to send your tax documents from the previous year. That too is easy online.

Oak Park Financial is waiting in line to provide you with an online payday loan. Large loans are usually tailor-made so that the credit is properly aligned with the purpose. For large amounts, there must also be a business plan, especially when it comes to young starting contractors. Smaller amounts – for example for a credit line – can quickly be taken out online, especially if you are an experienced entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur with your own business, you sometimes go through peaks and troughs in terms of business, and then such a credit line is useful. You can take out this type of business (current) credit whenever you want.

It is therefore important to request various quotes. Usually, it only takes two steps to get an answer: enter the loan amount and the term. Of course, make sure that you can just live, and check whether the APR is likely to rise. With a current credit, the interest rate is in any case variable, but always compare the annual percentage rate of charge. You will be surprised how much a small tariff difference can ultimately save you hundreds of euros at the end of your payment. And you’d rather put that money in your own company or pocket, right?

Start a business with a loan

Start a business with a loan

The day that you decide to set up your own business as a self-employed person is also the day that you need money. Most starting entrepreneurs need a starting capital for company equipment, employees, rental space, lease cars and so on. Or perhaps you have had your own company for years, but things are just getting worse. Then it becomes difficult to spread final premiums, which is not an option. After all, your employees keep your company going and that must be rewarded. Cash flow is also important because without investments your company cannot grow.

Perhaps there was a period in the past where you could not pay off earlier loans in 3 consecutive months. You are then on the blacklist of the National Bank of Belgium. And to get rid of that again is not easy. But even as a blacklisted entrepreneur, there are opportunities to take out a loan with niche banks. They will require collateral, such as a property or a person who guarantees you. A lid fits every jar. You do have to find the cover that best suits your budget. You do that by comparing them.

Partarian loan – instant loan online Sat, 02 Nov 2019 05:33:27 +0000

Equity loans are similar to silent participation, but creditors and debtors are not real. The loan is granted by one or more natural or legal persons to a company. In the case of a participating loan, the lender receives a share of the company’s profits or turnover instead of repayment of fixed capital or interest. The term partarian comes from the Latin verb partire, in English: divide. A partial loan is therefore a loan that divides something among the participants – the turnover or profit resulting from the project for which the loan was granted.

Equity loans

A participation loan is an equity financing in the form of a loan in the sense of 488 Civil Code (BGB). When granting a loan, a profit share or share of the turnover of a company or a transaction for which the loan has been granted (in particular for financing) is set as remuneration for the granting of the loan (participative = performance-based).

In addition to profit-sharing, interest may be agreed upon, which must focus on profit-sharing. The investment law, which came into force primarily on July 1, 2012, did not apply to the equity investment loan.

Since the entry into force of the Small Investor Protection Act

Which came into force in 2015, the participation loan has been included in § 2 (3) no. 2 as an investment within the meaning of the Investment Assets Act in order to further prevent the obligatory circumvention of the prospectus obligation for a refinancing amount of USD 100,000 or more and the investor in the obligation to take.

Loans are usually not loss-making and therefore are not subject to the concept of a mutual fund and thus not the so-called short form. Nor is this assessment influenced by the so-called Qualified Subordination, which is often agreed in connection with equity loans, as it is not a loss participation, but only a temporary right of retention.

The objective is to prevent profit-sharing and interest payments for the borrower from reducing the operating profit to the full rate, while profit-sharing and interest payments to the lender are taxed only at the withholding tax rate.

The loan must be recognized in the consolidated balance sheet of the borrower

The loan must be recognized in the consolidated balance sheet of the borrower

The valuation is based on the repayment amount and regularly corresponds to the nominal amount of the loan. In the contract design as an investment product, it is very important in addition to the differentiation of tacit participation to make the loan so that it is not a custody business in the sense of 1 para. 1 no. 1 Banking Act (“KWG”). Otherwise, a bank concession in the sense of 32 KWK would be required. Participation loans are often subject to legal deficiencies, so that the BAFin in terms of borrowing repeatedly issued prohibitions on the basis of the acquisition or liquidation orders.

Discover how to apply for an online loan Tue, 02 Jul 2019 07:36:57 +0000 Are you not clear who is going to ask for a loan? Speed Loan can help you.
With Speed Loan it is very simple. We will help you choose the best fast loans that best suit your needs.
The simplest way to get up to € 750. Just fill out the form, send your request, and one of our collaborating lenders will enter the money directly into your bank. With Speed Loan you can request a loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1. Choose the amount of your loan and the return period

1. Choose the amount of your loan and the return period

Select the payment period and the amount you need in the calculator, and request your money. With Speed Loan you can immediately choose the loans you can use.

2. Apply for a loan

2. Apply for a loan

Through our website you can request the loan quickly. Complete the form in 5 minutes and, with only an identification document and a mobile phone , you will have access to online banking .

3. Data verification

To confirm the data, you will need to enter a validation code, which you will receive via SMS, attach scanned documents that allow you to verify your identity, and / or allow access to your online bank.

4. Money in your account

4. Money in your account

After approving your application and verifying your identity, you will receive the money in your account. Depending on the loan chosen, the shipping time will vary. If you choose the services of the best lenders you will have the money in less than 10 minutes.

Our priority: Thanks to the latest technology and our advanced automated search systems, the time you need to complete the request and the verification of your data will be minimized.

Start-up financing – development loans Mon, 01 Jul 2019 20:32:38 +0000

The Confederation, the Fast Lend Special Fund, the federal states and the EU support the start of entrepreneurial independence through funding programs. These are mostly loans. Typical for public development loans are, inter alia, favorable interest rates, long maturities and often a repayment-free start-up phase, until one has to start with the eradication. This gives you time to “make money” in peace.

Fast Lend start-up loan 

Fast Lend start-up loan 

Purpose: For investments and resources. Funding is also a start-up as a sideline, if the company is geared in the medium term on the full-time. In addition, the Fast Lend start-up loan – StartGeld also funds start-ups after a business failure.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted up to a business age of five years.

Maximum amount: 100,000 euros. If the financing requirement is higher, the Fast Lend Start-Up Loan – Universal comes into question.

Collateral: If equity and “customary” collateral (eg mortgages, life insurance) exist, the principal bank generally expects that they will also be pledged to secure the loan. However, a loan can be approved even if these are insufficient, since the KfW Bankengruppe of the house bank decreases 80 percent of their liability.

Interest rate: The interest rate is fixed

Interest rate: The interest rate is fixed

Application : The Fast Lend start-up loan – StartGeld must be applied for before the start of the project. The application to the KfW Bankengruppe must be submitted via the house bank (bank or savings bank).

Fast Lend start-up loan – universal

Purpose: For investments and resources.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted up to a business age of five years.

Maximum amount: 25 million euro per project.

Collateral: Bank-standard collateral is necessary.

Interest rate: It is based on the creditworthiness and the collateral of the applicant.

Application: so

Fast Lend capital for founding (credit)


Purpose: Increase of own financial resources (equity) up to a rate of 45 percent (in the old federal states) or 50 percent (in the new federal states and Berlin) of the eligible costs. For: investments (eg, land and building costs, equipment and office equipment costs) and industry-standard market development costs. The first procurement or increase of the warehouse can also be co-financed.

Deadline: An application is possible up to a business age of three years.

Maximum amount: 500,000 euros.

Collateral: No customary collateral is required.

Interest rate: The interest rate is reduced in the first ten years of the term from resources of the Fast Lend Special Fund.

Special features: The “Fast Lend capital for foundation” is – purely “banking technology” – attributed to the equity of the company. This makes it easier for him to get more loans. This is a so-called subordinated loan. This means: KfW, which lends the house bank the Fast Lend capital, so that this in turn can be enough for founders, stands in the case of the cases in the row of creditors in the back. The bank bears no risk for the subordinated loan. It will make the decision to accept the loan application easier.

How Parents Can Help Teenagers Manage Money Thu, 20 Jun 2019 02:41:00 +0000

Teaching teenagers how to manage their money is a critical skill that can be passed on by parents. And they need all the help they can get.

You’d be surprised how little teenagers know about saving money


Until they got their first job, they never thought about budgeting their money, how to be exactly aware of what it takes to pay for all the cool things Mom and Dad got. Even some who have some notion, they do not develop this ability on their own. That’s where you come in.

Whether it’s a grant or the money they get from your first job, use this opportunity as a teaching moment. It is recommended that teens divide their money into thirds; 30% to contribute to household expenses, 30% to spend and have fun, 30% to savings and even 10% to a charity to the needy.

It is important for teenagers to realize early on that a portion of the money they make needs to be earmarked for things that are considered obligations, just as they will be when they are adults. Things like income, insurance and utilities are obligations that every adult has and the sooner a teenager learns this, the better. It is interesting to be invited to contribute 30% of your salary to domestic expenses, this is true for expenses such as rent or gasoline, which benefits the whole family.

Teach teenagers how to save money

Teach teenagers how to save money

They should also be taught to save a good portion of the pay, this is a good tool that can instill the responsibility and habit of saving. Parents can teach them how to open an account at a bank or a credit union and how to move money between a checking account and savings. If they have accumulated a good amount in savings, they may consider opening a savings account that can even be used to pay for the future college partially or draw letter.

Of course, both work and no purchase is not fun

Of course, both work and no purchase is not fun

Teens should be able to spend a portion of what they have on anything they desire. This may include makeup, new sneakers, clothes, etc. They can also save for something they want, but it does take a while to buy, like a new Smartphone or video game.

Teens need boundaries and guidance and need to be taught skills for things they have never done before. Managing your money is one area they may need help with, and you as a parent can guide you through this transition into adulthood.

And remember, if you’ve gotten into debt, do not despair! Make a simulation and ask for your personal loan online with Financial Group, security, ease and speed guaranteed. Financial Group, you far from red.

Business Loan Wed, 12 Jun 2019 04:44:08 +0000

As an entrepreneur, you have various options for financing, such as taking out a Shine business loan . Many entrepreneurs see this as a natural step, while other entrepreneurs prefer not to “gamble” with money from external sources. Regardless of the type of entrepreneur that you are yourself, you will first have to answer some questions before you make that step to business loans Shine. For example, you must opt ​​for a suitable business loan platform Shine, you must determine whether you really need these external resources and what risks this entails. In order to take out a Shine business loan without running any unnecessary risk, we have already listed the main points for attention.

Contact the local financial advisor of Shine for personal advice that will take you further. Schedule an appointment immediately for more information.

Why take out a Shine business loan?

Why take out a Shine business loan?

It makes no sense to come up with answers if you don’t ask the right question first; why do you want to take out a Shine business loan? Here are three reasons for using money from external sources:

  1. At the start of a new business, it is not pleasant to plunder your own bank account, borrow money from family members or put at risk friendships. With borrowed money you can get to work quickly without taking personal risks.
  2. The company is already doing well, but you want to move ahead and be ahead of the competition. For that you have to invest in staff, machines, software or promotional activities, and that can cost a lot of money in a short time.
  3. It is on or under it, you need new capital quickly to pay the bills. With borrowed money you can bring peace to the tent and strengthen your base.

There are of course many more reasons to take out Shine business loans. What is your story? Tell the financial adviser and view the options on the table together.

Business loan platform Shine


Although there are plenty of options to get money into your account through external sources, it always entails obligations. Because the perfect loan for every company does not exist, you will have to make a well-considered choice for the most advantageous business loan platform Shine. You are, as it were, facing a crossroads, which road should you take and which path should you definitely not follow?

Business loan platform Shine

Business loan

1. Current Credit Account

The easiest way to get financial room is to submit a request to the bank to be in the red. That gives you room to make new investments, of course you have to pay a hefty interest on the amount that you have in the red. You discuss a term with the bank for the current account credit, and an interest rate is agreed that is usually variable. This type of loan is most suitable when you need money quickly and for a short period of time, for example to pay debtors or to stock up.

2. Business loan Shine

You can take out this type of loan with your own bank, you can also approach another bank with better conditions. The duration will be at least one year, whereby you must specifically state what you will do with the money. It is therefore not permitted to change the destination later without the explicit consent of the lender. The amount is repaid in monthly installments with interest on the residual debt. With an accelerated repayment or quarterly payment, additional costs may be charged.

3. Microcredit

This is a popular business loan platform Shine for starters and SMEs. Starters can borrow up to € 50,000, with SMEs the loans go up to a maximum of € 250,000. For entrepreneurs who do not (yet) have collateral and want to borrow a relatively small amount, you may be eligible for a micro credit or an SME loan. Guidance by an independent financial adviser is often part of such a loan. These types of loans have a term of no more than ten years, to be paid in monthly installments based on a fixed interest rate with an option for accelerated repayment. Because the risk with these loans is generally higher, this also applies to the relatively high interest rate.

4. Guarantee credit

This is a construction whereby the Dutch government will act as guarantor for part of the loan. This BKMB is primarily intended for business loans Shine where the lender does not have sufficient confidence in the stability of the company to borrow money. That can also be a sign that the company cannot stand on its own two feet. A guarantee credit runs for a maximum of six years, when investing in real estate a term of a maximum of twelve years applies. BKMB is possible for companies with fewer than 250 employees and a total turnover of less than fifty million euros.

5. Crowdfunding

You can also choose to look completely outside the established order for investors and go for crowdfunding. This is a construction where you do not request the full amount from one party, but you divide this over a number of investors. This may be both private individuals and business investors. On the basis of the type of company, product or service, there will be a consideration for this. On a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter, it is often a disguised “pre-order”, pays an amount with interest. This method is best suited for new concepts that appeal to a specific target group, but which do entail a considerable risk. When you choose this type of business loan platform Shine you will have to get down to work with marketing and promotion to get the concept to the market.


Risks with regard to business loans Shine?


The sun rises for nothing, bear in mind that taking out Shine business loans will involve risks. In addition, an increased risk for the lender will translate into a higher interest rate for the entrepreneur who borrows money. When it is possible to borrow money for a very high interest rate, you first have to consider how you can pay it back, and whether your idea is actually viable. This way, the process of applying for a Shine business loan can provide you with immediate insight; what does an objective observer think about your plans? A rejection certainly does not have to be the end station, it must encourage you to think and possibly adjust your ambitions. First discuss this with the financial adviser, not only will he take your specific ambitions into account, you can also count on an honest sounding board who also dares to be critical. This way you not only prevent risk as an entrepreneur, you also increase the chances of success.

Discuss all possibilities with the local financial adviser before you take a path in choosing a business loan Shine.

Where to save money safely and still make a profit? Sat, 01 Jun 2019 02:52:36 +0000

A good financial control does not just say about organizing expenses, another point that is important to consider is that money can be safely stored as well as profitability.

How to make sure your money is safe and still generating profits

How to make sure your money is safe and still generating profits

Saving money at home was a widely used alternative for our grandparents, and perhaps even by our parents, however, it is a fact that is not one of the most advisable options, considering the risks of theft and also the profitability, where the money stopped ceases to earn interest and is devoured by inflation.

Although very safe, savings have also not been a satisfactory option for years, because of their low profitability, unable to cover inflationary losses, even if it is free of Income Tax.

So what would be the most advantageous options?


Let’s present you four good alternatives below. Check out:

Certificate of Banking

If your priority is to invest in the security of your money, the Certificate of Banking (CB) is a great alternative and low risk.

In summary, with the CB you lend money to the bank that will issue the document, the redemption is done upon maturity, subject to Income Tax.

Treasury Direct

Treasury Direct

This is the perfect way for those who want to secure their money and jointly make a profit, since the profitability of the Treasury Direct is much higher than that of the savings account and presents a very low risk. However, just like the CB, the public bonds also there is incidence of Income Tax.

By opting for this modality, you will be lending money to the federal government to then make investments or pay off debts.

How to invest in Treasury Direct?

To do this, simply buy government bonds directly from the Treasury Direct website, where three types of securities are presented:

– Treasure Selic: perfect for short-term financial projects; is a postfixed, the Selic interest rate on the day of its maturity is paid;

– Pre-fixed Treasury: with or without semiannual payments, the interest rate of the security’s yield is defined at the moment of the purchase of the security;

– IPCA Treasury: With or without semi-annual payments, the investor is paid a fixed interest plus the inflation variation calculated by the IPCA.

Investment Funds

Investment Funds

The funds function as a corporate of people who buy quotas to make an investment, in which it is managed by the fund manager.

It is imperative to exercise caution with the management fee, which can undermine a good portion of profitability. There are many investment fund options, in which the most traditional ones are the most advantageous for those who aim to ensure the safety of money.

Private Pension Plans

Private Pension Plans

For those who want to save money in the long run, private pension is a good solution. There are two modalities, focused on each means of declaration of Income Tax, both of very low risk.

The occurrence of the income tax in the PGBL, focuses in its entirety at the time of the withdrawal, which makes the alternative more profitable for those who make full declaration of IR. For those who use the simplified modality, VGBL is more advantageous, since the tax applies only to income.

However, this option also has its drawbacks, such as the management fee’s throw on profitability and the inability to channel investments.

With all of this in mind, compare and see which of the options presented are most beneficial to you.

And remember, you got tight and got into debt? Very calm! Apply for your personal loan online with Financial Group, we guarantee security, ease and you free of bureaucracy.

Debt on special check: Can they take my goods? Sun, 19 May 2019 03:00:59 +0000

The overdraft can save us from stifling situations, but it’s hardly ever the best alternative to get out of the grip: being overdrawn can be a big headache.

The fact is that this “extra money” has one of the highest interest rates on the market, and for an emergency we can get into debt with bitter consequences!

Want to understand how the overdraft works and if they can take your goods?

Let’s explain below, keep reading.

First of all, we need to understand what is overdraft:

First of all, we need to understand what is overdraft:

Credit that is already “available” in your bank account, in that sense, is a pre-approved personal credit in which you do not need to make a request to have it.

Prior to the new overdraft rules , banks emphasized pre-approved credit on the ATM screen, and their actual balance available in a reduced size.

This made the customer mistakenly deduce that he or she has money in account, and automatically overdraw it when starting to use the credit.

I entered the overdraft and am owed, can you take my goods?

I entered the overdraft and am owed, can you take my goods?

Upon entering the overdraft a percentage of interest will be charged as long as the debt is not repaid. And, as stated above, this mode has one of the highest interest rates on the market.

And yes, you can lose your assets, incidentally, this can occur with any debt.

But first of all, no despair! In the case of overdraft, the loss of assets can be a very complex process.

Because it does not fit into a secured loan , the debtor may go through a legal process first, and will have a deadline to repay or renegotiate the debt.

I want to pay off my debt on the overdraft, how do I do it?

I want to pay off my debt on the overdraft, how do I do it?

Not only on the overdraft, but in all debt financial planning becomes necessary.

In the Financial Group blog we have some special articles that can instruct you to organize your budget.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll finally have money on hand to get out of debt!

In any case, be sure to try to negotiate the debt with your bank and ask for more affordable interest offers.

And of course, why not make a simulation with Financial Group ?

Ask for your personal loan online and get out of the red. We guarantee safety and ease.

Financial Group , you far from red.