About the home budget or how to experience the summer without a loan

Finally, children and schoolchildren can relax after learning about textbooks all year round. For parents, it is a chance to spend at least part of the holiday together with their children. During the summer vacation, it is worth asking yourself whether we can afford a family vacation, what funds to finance them, what to do in order not to get lost in this whole advertising noise and overpay.

Holidays have started! It was time to rest

Holidays have started! It was time to rest

And above all, do not push the household budget, knowing that after the holidays there will be other, important expenses, even related to returning children to school. With no money set aside for the holidays , many people take out loans or payday loans, which they pay off for months or sometimes years.

People who know what home finance is and who keep their income and expense records, try to manage their earned money so that they are able to save some amounts so that they can later use it to spend a good time.

But the majority of the population cannot do this by using funds raised from either a bank or a loan company. Do you dream about holidays? Take a loan for dreams! Or take a vacation on credit. Loan companies and banks encourage this.

If not for credit or loan, how?


First of all, holidays are to be not on credit, but tailor-made. To the best of our abilities.
Expenses incurred for summer recreation belong to the group of so-called periodic expenses. They must be planned in the household budget in such a way that the necessary funds for trips are credited to the account . Planned expenses are much cheaper than last-minute expenses.

Such an example are people who go to the sea or to the mountains without booking rooms. And then it turns out that they have to rent them much more expensive than if they had previously booked. I remember once we were on holiday in Mielno. This summer did not promise to be good, hence there were significant price reductions. We lived at the time with a certain Lord, musician of an orchestra in the theater.

He had no free rooms, and suddenly it got very hot by the sea. A lot of people came to Mielno and were looking for accommodation.